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Our Seventy-first Year
The Oldest Continuously Active Contest in Sport

Bob Gibson is watching

In Year of the Pitcher, Met's deGrom dominates the dominant: On Sat he shuts out hot Padres, 4-0, lowers ERA to 0.62 and strikes out 11; of 85 pitches, 60 were strikes, 33 over 100mph. In Game's Eternal War, batters uppercut in bid for homers, pitchers counter with high strikes; mlb average lowest since 1968. But line drives appear to be coming back. The 300 Club's lowest winning average was .301 in 1968; will this year's winner break .300?

The Mets' RHP Jacob deGrom fires a missle. DeGrom's numbers this year rival those of the great Bob Gibson in 1968, EXCEPT, it must be noted, in endurance.Gibson pitched 304 innings, won 22 games, faced 1,161 batters, and pitched 28 complete games. In the era of coddle-the-pitcher, deGrom won't come close to that. But de Grom has a .57 WHIP (walks and hits per inning pitched) vs. Gibson's .85,14.9 Ks per 9 innings vs 7.9, and 1.2 walks per 9 innings vs 1.8. The MLB community is awash with talking heads bemoaning the poor hitters as MLB averages are the lowest this year since 1968 --so in '69, MLB lowered the mound from 15 inches to 10. But making major changes is hogwash. Just let the hitters whiff until they abandon uppercuts and start hitting line drives again -- and there are signs, notably with Aaron Judge, that's starting to occur. (Photo: Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal Constitution)
2021 Weekly Contest Winners
Week Ending Member Average
06/06 Joel Parkinson 320
05/30 Fritz Wiltman 292
05/23 Sidney Smith 300
05/16 Robert Wiltman 327

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