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Our Sixty-Ninth Year
The Oldest Continuously-Active Contest in Sport

Nitty and Gritty

Braves solidify hold on NL East, winning 9 of 10; take 3 of 4 from Nats in weekend series; Cardinals in Atlanta October 3?

Matt Joyce and Dansby Swanson execute a rare double slide against the Blue Jays on Tuesday—With the bases loaded in the bottom of the 8th in Atlanta, the Braves’ Mike Flowers hit a fly ball to deep Center, chasing Toronto CF Teoscar Hernandez to the wall. When the ball got away, the Braves’ Josh Donaldson ambled in from third, but Matt Joyce, on second, had to see if the ball would be caught before running, while speedster Dansby Swanson took off from first. As the throw came home, both Joyce, with Dansby hot on his heels, slid in to the plate at the same time. With no interference, both were called safe for the final two runs of Atlanta’s 7-2 win. (MLB TV)
2018 Weekly Contest Winners
Week Ending Member Average
9/8 Daniel Costigan 301
9/1 Addie Davidson 360
8/25 Kevin Schreiber 316
8/17 Jack Glidden 370
8/11 John C. Glidden III 397
8/4 Richard Sanderson 336
7/28 Billy Russo 343
7/21 Benjamin Pinczewski 337
7/14 Ted Trainer 335
7/7 James Glidden 365
6/30 Kirk House 353
6/23 John Sparks 367
6/16 Sarah Rohde 328
6/9 Jake Hinnenbusch 324
6/2 Cassandre Montell 325
5/26 Dick Botelli 354
5/19 Lee Rohde 331

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