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Our Sixty-Ninth Year
The Oldest Continuously-Active Contest in Sport

300 Club Balloting closes as fun begins!

Yelich, Bellinger make all top 10 Ballots
As Trout, Betts decline; will gaudy stats
In May outlast the grit and heat of August?

Brewers RF Christian Yelich homers in the bottom of the 1st on May 8 off Nats RHP Jeremy Hellickson at Miller Park, Milwaukee. The 2018 NL MVP was batting .325 Monday morning with MLB-leading 19 HRs and 44 RBI. He was chosen on all top 10 300 Club Ballots (batter or 1st Alt) as of May 13. So was Dodgers RF Cody Bellinger, leading the universe at .405. Notable absences on most Ballots were Mike Trout and Mookie Betts, each of whom typically start slowly, but whose talents and toughness prevail as the season wears on. Such is the seductiveness of gaudy May stats, no? Photo: Dylan Buell/Getty Images
2018 Weekly Contest Winners
Week Ending Member Average
5/19 Lee Rhode 331

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