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Our Seventy-second Year
The Oldest Continuously Active Contest in Sport

 Roger Angell, 1921-2022

Angell on Mays: "Chasing down a ball hit to deep center field, he runs so hard and so far that the ball itself seems to stop in the air and wait for him."

The great baseball writer Roger Angell, who died Friday at age 101, wrote on baseball for The New Yorker Magazine from 1962 until well into his nineties. His heartbreaking description of the Boston Red Sox' loss to the Mets in the '86 World Series, "Not So, Boston," remains one of the best pieces on baseball, ever. He wrote that Carlton Fisk came out of his crouch "like an aluminum extension ladder stretching for the house eaves," and noted that Oriole reliever Dick Hall pitched "with an awkward, sidewise motion that suggests a man feeling under his bed for a lost collar stud." Angell was awarded the Spink Award, the Hall of Fame's honor for writers, in 2015. In the photo above, Willie Mays makes an over-the-shoulder catch off Cleveland's Vic Wertz in game 2 of the 1954 World Series at the Polo Grounds in New York (note the 483' sign). Citations are from Mr. Angell's obituaries in The New York Times/Dwight Garner and The Washington Post/Matt Schudel; (photo: Associated Press)

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