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Our Sixty-Ninth Year
The Oldest Continuously-Active Contest in Sport

World Series Preview?

Houston’s Zach Greinke wins his 200th career game, 4-1, over A’s in Oakland; only 2 other active pitchers have done it; Verlander’s one, and Sabbathia’s retiring--

Astros RHP Zach Greinke delivers wicked stuff at Rickey Henderson Field yesterday. From Monday’s Houston Chronicle: OAKLAND, Calif. — The advent of analytics and advanced statistics is shifting the thinking of many pitchers. Some no longer take pride in piling wins… “I wouldn’t say there’s many pitchers that would say that’s the No. 1 most important stat for them,” Zack Greinke said. “But if you and the team are winning, it’s the most important. It doesn’t necessarily say you’re pitching the best, but it’s the most important.” There you have an ultimate truth about pitching, and baseball. The Houston Astros have the only two pitchers with 200 career victories still at their peak, as Sabbathia limps through his final year. Photo: Lachlan Cunningham, Stringer / Getty Images via Houston Chronicle
2018 Weekly Contest Winners
Week Ending Member Average
8/17 Jack Glidden 370
8/11 John C. Glidden III 397
8/4 Richard Sanderson 336
7/28 Billy Russo 343
7/21 Benjamin Pinczewski 337
7/14 Ted Trainer 335
7/7 James Glidden 365
6/30 Kirk House 353
6/23 John Sparks 367
6/16 Sarah Rohde 328
6/9 Jake Hinnenbusch 324
6/2 Cassandre Montell 325
5/26 Dick Botelli 354
5/19 Lee Rohde 331

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