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The oldest continuously active Contest in Sport

Board of Directors:   Germain G. Glidden
MONDAY, MAY 9, 2016
James L.P. Glidden Chairman/CEO
Gordon G. Glidden 1913-1999
Michael Brunson  

Hello to our fellow Members, and to new Members, of The Three Hundred Club. The 2016 Season is underway, and the Germain Glidden Bowl is up for grabs for the 66th consecutive year!

For 2016, the 300 Club Ballot deadline is Midnight, Monday, May 9.

Club dues are $75 for returning Members, and $75 plus a one-time Initiation Fee of $25 for new Members. As always, existing Members who sign up two new Members play for free.

Every year some people forget the Deadline. So we urge all to do the following ASAP:

First: Please go to the website, log in, and update your personal info, including your email and mailing addresses. CALL US if you forgot your login/password. We NEVER release Membersí info.
Second: The Balloting section is now open. Please enter a Ballot NOW. You can make changes to your Ballot up 'til Midnight of the Deadline (Only you can see your picks until after balloting is over). Members who start their Ballot now tend to make final picks by the Deadline and not forget. Payment isn't due until then. However, we recommend that you pay dues now so you can see your Ballot in weekly rankings.
Third: Show the Site to your friends! Itís easy to register on the Site, select a Ballot, and make changes whenever you wish. Remember, Ballots are only ranked after payment is received, so there's no charge if someone fills out a  Ballot and later decides not to play (although we can't imagine why!).
Fourth: MARK YOUR CALENDAR - The 2016 Balloting Deadline is Midnight, Monday, May 9. We will send out email reminders from time to time as the Deadline (just over a month from now!) draws near.

We hope all will play in 2016. We also welcome new Members, and we look forward to the weekly winners, the midseason winners, the "perfect ballot," the individual contest winners, and the Grand Prize Winner at season's end. May yours be the best Ballot ---after mine!

Jim Glidden
For the Board

Germain G. Glidden Tiffany Bowl

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