Seventy-Second Year

The oldest continuously active Contest in Sport

Board of Directors:   Germain G. Glidden
MONDAY, MAY 16, 20
James L.P. Glidden Chairman/CEO
Gordon G. Glidden
Michael Brunson  

Dear 300 Club Members and Friends: 

We can finally exhale now that MLB has a new labor agreement and we'll have a full season. The 2022 season starts April 7, and we've decided to change the Ballot Deadline a week to the 3rd Monday in May, which this year falls on May 16.

As you may know, our brother and longtime Director Gordon Germain Glidden passed away last October, and we'd like to dedicate this season to his memory. Gordon won the Pitcher's Prize in 2021, and since he didn't stick around to collect, we have decided to add Gordon's $200 to the Batters Contest Grand Prize for the 2022 season.

The Batters Contest Grand Prize for the 2022 season is increased to $1,200!

There will be a couple of changes this year: First, we have implemented a new distribution system for paying out prizes. In the past, payments were often delayed due to bank snafus. This year you can expect your prizes to be paid promptly. Plus, you can choose electronic payment or traditional check.

Second, last year our biggest expense, after prizes, was the fees the credit card companies charged us – almost 20% of dues! If we can cut that down we can raise prizes! So this year we're asking Members to pay dues using one of two options: Traditional Check or VENMO. The VENMO address is: @The300Club (mobile) and The 300 Club (desktop). We know any new system's a hassle but we will assist by phone or email for any confusion or difficulties that come up. You can still use a credit card if you wish.

The website is now open for Balloting. Ballot deadline is Midnight, Monday, May 16!

Dues and Prizes are the same for 2022 as last year (except for the one-time rise to $1200 for the Batters Grand Prize): Pitchers. Homers, RBIs, and Stolen Bases, are $200, and the Dimaggio Prize is $150. Midseason prizes, $200 for Batters, $100 each for Pitchers and Homers. We also award a $25 prize for the highest batting average each week. Sign-up incentive: Any Member who signs up a new Member plays for half- price ($50), and any Member who signs up two new Members plays for free. (We adjust fees manually).

Last year there were quite a few ballots disqualified due to player injuries.
It's hard to tell if this was a fluke or a trend. We advise Members to assess players' stamina: Does the guy have glass knees??

Every year some people miss the deadline – a shame! So, please do this ASAP:

1) Please go to the website, log in, and update your personal info, including your email phone, and mailing address. CALL US if you forgot your login/password. We NEVER release Members’ info.
2) The Balloting section on the Website is open. Please enter a Ballot NOW. 2021 regular-season stats are available at You can change your Ballot any time up 'til Midnight of the Deadline. (Only you can see your picks until after balloting is over). Members who start their Ballot now tend to make final picks by the Deadline and not forget. Payment isn't due until then. However, we recommend that you pay dues now so you can see your Ballot in weekly rankings.

3) SHOW THE SITE TO A FRIEND! It’s easy to register on the Site, select a Ballot, and make changes whenever you wish. Remember, Ballots are only ranked after payment is received, so there's no charge if someone fills out a Ballot and later decides not to play (although we can't imagine why). Plus, if you sign up a New Member you play for $50, and if you sign up two, you play free!

4) MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW! The 2020 Balloting Deadline is Midnight, Monday, May 16. We will send out email reminders as the Deadline draws near.

We hope all will play in 2022. We welcome new Members, and we look forward to the weekly winners, the "perfect ballot," the individual contest winners, and the Grand Prize Winner at season's end. And we can't wait to hear our beautiful Anthem and then “PLAY BALL!”

-- Jim Glidden, For the Board

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